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Environmental and Geotechnical Studies of El' Homera and Port Said Marine Area, Tourism Development Authority (1994).

Environmental Auditing of Suez Oil Company Operation Area SUCO (1997-1998).

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  • Geotechnical Studies


Bathymetric Survey of Alexandria Western Harbor JICA (1998).

Environmental Studies ON Abu Qir Bay, Abu Qir Fertilizers Company(1998).

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  • Western Harbor


Baseline Environmental Survey of the Mediterranean Coast and Around Drilling Sites West of Alexandria (1990 - 1991),SHELL Oil Company. The State of Oil pollution Along the Coasts of the Gulf of Suez & Part of the Mediterranean,ESSO Oil Company (1991 - 1992).

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  • Mediterranean Coast

    (1990 - 1991)

Baseline Environmental Studies Around Drilling Sites in the Gemsha Area,Red Sea,BAPETCO Oil Company (1992 - 1993).

Environmental Impact Assessment E.I.A. for Safaga - El Hamrawin & Al Qusayr Marine Port in Red Sea Area, (2000).

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  • BAPETCO Oil Company

    (1992 - 1993)

Chemical and mechanical cleaning operations for Sedi - Kreer beach (crude oil pipe Leakage) (June 2004).

Environmental impact assessment study for Alexandria- Portland Cement Company (March 2005).

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  • Sedi-Kreer beach


Environmental impact assessment study and monitoring planning for Amria Industrial Free Zone(January 2007).

Chemical measurement and analysis report for (gases, industrial waste and sewage water waste) for Rasheed Petroleum Refinery Company (May 2008).

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  • Free Zone


Environmental monitoring planning operations for Alexandria coast to specify marine pollutants (May 2005).

Chemical and mechanical cleaning operations for Red Sea coast (petroleum tanker accidents spill) May 2003.

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  • Alexandria coast


State of the Marine Environment in Alexandria Western Harbor, Technical Study (2002).

Environmental monitoring planning operation for Alexandria Western Harbor (follow up source of marine pollution and it's kind) 2003.

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  • Alexandria Western Harbor